Are you ready to JanO?

We’ll be back — after the holidays.


Jan. 31


It’s not the end! It’s the beginning!

And look at our prompt today! Will someone be reading your book? Is that an envelope with your query letter? Is that threatening-looking shadow behind the angry looking child the fear of writing you’re defeating? And are those scissors cutting your final excuses from getting your story out of you and into the world? Well, that’s our take. But the important question is: What’s yours?

Happy writing and see you next January!

Jan. 30


We’re almost there and our penultimate prompt could be challenging. Someone’s dropping a ball and someone’s lugging a heavy box. Then we have a mysterious black shape. Is it a bat? A dragon? A vampire? And what does a shooting star have to do with all of it. Write it out. Make this Monday count!


Jan. 29


We’ve turned the corner into the last few days to cement or begin your new daily writing habit. Try something with these: rain falling from a clown, the masks of comedy and tragedy, a person shoveling from an already-chest-deep hole, and a die showing 1, 3 and 5 pips.

Have you been lucky enough to find a thread that links all of the month’s prompts? Only two more to go.

Jan. 27


We’re into the final stretch of our New Year’s daily writing resolution. today we have that masked thief carting away a container, a Plains Indians teepee, a bejeweled chalice and someone shaking a wrapped gift.Tie these together into some sort of adventure and you’ll be another day closer to a new writing habit.