feb 1 21

We know.

JanOWriMo is over for another year.

But we didn’t want to leave with saying “It’s so nice to see you!” again. We hope you’ve take a few (foot)steps forward in your quest to develop a daily writing habit. If you haven’t, quit monkeying around. Go back to the beginning (through our archives listing) and find some old prompt that makes you think. Then write about it.

We want nothing more than to help you build a strong foundation for your writing practice. We’re sure it’s one of the “Things … you wish lasted a long time.”

Happy writing!

jan 31 21

What? Here we are at the last day in January and a bright read card simply says “THE END.” On one die, a wand is surrounded by stars. Is it magic? A cauldron bubbles on another. And a curved arrow points the way on the third die. Tie these together with “Things … you want to do before the night is over.”

We hope you’ve been inspired to start — or renew — your daily writing habit through our annual January prompts. Here’s hoping to see you next year in world with no COVID-19 pandemic.

jan 30 21

We have another dialogue balloon that says “See you later, Alligator … .” Then we have an abacus, someone pointing, and someone else holding a box with a ribbon. The gift bearer isn’t shaking the box this time, just holding it out as if handing it to someone. Now explain how these might be “Things … that could cause the world to end.”

We see science fiction in this batch, but that could just be us.

jano 29 21

A young, red-haired witch with a broom looks like she is daring us to mess with her. On the dice are a crescent moon, a pill capsule and someone staring at a glittering ring with a look of confused amazement. Explain how these lead to “Things … that are hard to put back together.”

jano 28 21

A dialogue bubble says, “Excuse me, … .” And dice show an open book, a one-tusked elephant and a person reading a book. The other card prompts us with “Things .. that are hot.”

Oh, and don’t forget you’re working into a new habit: daily writing. If you’ve been keeping up with the prompts, you should almost be there by now.

jano 27 21

Today we’re challenged to write about “Things … you don’t like to fail at.” Before us are a crown fit for royalty, a bridge over a river, a pair of round Harry Potter-style eyeglasses, and a blindfolded person pointing at a spot on someone’s head.

Can you make them into a single tale?

jano 26 21

Arrayed before us are an open step ladder, someone yelling, a steaming bowl of something (rice? oatmeal? mashed potatoes?), and an old cell phone with a fixed antenna, an actual number keyboard and tiny screen. How are these “Things … that cause misery”?

jano 25 21

One card shows two towers of colorful Lego blocks. The dice reveal someone filling a hole, a scowling face under a bandana, and a cane — the walking, not the candy, variety. The other card says “Things … monsters do in your closet while waiting to scare you.” Now that’s a scary thought.

jano 24 21

The bubble says “Happy Birthday!” The dice show a bee with a nasty stinger, a camera and someone shaking a beribboned box. The other card says “Things … that you want.” Put those together in wild flights of fancy or recall the memories they evoke.