JanO 23

jan23Here at “JanO Central” in northern Illinois, we could be tripping over snowplows and getting tired of shoveling today. But the real question is what do these cards inspire you to write today?


JanO 22

jan22Today we have lots of people doing lots of things. Is someone in a mask pointing a gun at someone else’s head? And we see those two strolling folks holding hands. Someone else is kicking a ball while another person is yelling. Our last cube doesn’t show a person, but a shirt is hanging on a clothesline under a bright sun.

What can you do with all that?

JanO 21

jan21Wow! It’s hard to believe we’re already two-thirds of the way through JanO. But even if you start today, you can still move toward a daily writing habit.

We have two more cards today. What can you write about things”that went too far” and (or) things”you wish could replace oil to create power.”

Do these ideas suggest an essay? A sci-fi novel? The basis of a thriller? Or something else entirely?

JanO 20

jan20 This time our cubes show a ladder, a ring made of eight arrows, each pointing outward from a central point, the studded goblet, a clock that could be showing 10 minutes to 2, or 5 minutes to 3, or 4 o’clock. And finally, we have someone with eyes closed and a lopsided grin listening to something through earphones. What can they all mean?

JanO 19

jan19 Here are a set of interesting cubes. Two repeaters are the empty cartoon dialog bubble and the padlock. With them are a face with a slight smile. Is someone a little confused? Shy? Is it Mona Lisa? Then there’s a tree and an innocent-looking toddler whose shadow is a lurking figurethree-times the size of the child. It wears a mask similar to Batman or Catwoman or something else with pointed ears. What could it say about the child?

JanO 18

jan18 Today our cubes are giving us a pyramid, a passenger plane, a single raised hand, a padlock and a snoozing person. Could that hand be raised to make a pledge or stop someone from coming closer? This could be quite a dream. Or an adventurous dream come true.