JanO Wild Card

200201 And here’s our wild card (and cubes) to keep you going. Are those beans magic? Do you need a coach who shouts? Or do you see yourself cracking the spine on your new book? We’re not sure which of these are “THINGS … you don’t need very much of.”

We  do hope you’ve built a solid writing habit during January. In the meantime, explore the world of writers’ groups — in person and online. Writing groups are great to keep you on track and help you over the tough spots. We’ve included several on our Writers’ groups and resources page.

And we hope to see you next year if you need a restart or a jump start on writing resolutions.

jano 31

200131 On the cubes we see a snake ready to strike, that alarm clock waking the sleeper and a bridge over (troubled?) waters. The card says “THINGS … that can easily get out of control.”

But reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself this month can’t be out of control. We hope whether you used or our prompts or not, you succeeded in your writing goal for this JanOWriMo.

jano 30

200130 A map with an X marking the spot, a lightbulb and a big gem on a necklace are our cube hints today. The card says “THINGS … you wish were healthy for you.” Is your character seeking treasure by the light of a single bulb? Is treasure hunting unhealthy? You decide.

jano 29

200129 A bee with a nasty stinger, a filled bag tied shut and a footprint are in the cubes. And “THINGS … that can cause a feud” are in the card. This could go a lot of ways. Enjoy!

jano 28

200128 What are the “THINGS … dogs are thinking about while you pet them”? And could they be a telescope, a cell phone or a person with a sheepish grin? This could challenge you to change your point of view from human to canine. Can you do it?

jano 27

200127In the cubes we see someone pointing, a hand raised to shade his eyes, someone wearing a bandanna tied in back and a someone hanging from a trapeze. The card says “THINGS … that aren’t as fun as they use[d] to be.” (We’ll forgive them the typo if they forgive ours later.)

jano 26

200126 A parachuter falling to earth, an open tipee (teepee) and that hand-shaking, thumbs-upping pair all roll up in the cubes today. And the card says “THINGS … you would have done differently if you were Harry Potter.”

Speaking of J.K. Rowling, if you’re interested in how she works, check out this blog with an image of her outline for one of her Harry Potter novels.

jano 25

200125A shadowed beaker (a love potion?), someone reaching for an item on a high shelf (a jewelry box?) and that person pushing against the wall (still?) are in today’s cubes. The card says “THINGS … you would like to say to contestants on The Bachelor.” Sounds like the makings of a romance. If that’s your genre, check out the Romance Writers of America, one of the biggest writing groups of all. (And one of the best selling genres, too.)

jano 24

200124 Today in the cubes, someone is dancing while someone else is shouting and a feathered arrow is waiting to be used. How? And what do they have to do with “THINGS … your mom does best”?