JanO … wait, it’s February

So what’s this last prompt?

Here’s the story: The day has dawned on a new month and you’ve earned the JanO winner’s crown. You’re no longer puzzled about how to find time for your writing. The gears are turning in your mind. And you’ve established a daily writing habit — or a writing habit that’s regular and repeated. So picture yourself in the photo on the back your finished book!

See you next year!


JanO 31

It’s our last day of JanOWriMo 2018. Thumbs up or “buyer’s” regret? We hope you’re now in the habit of writing every day. Or at least as often as you need to write to reach your goals. (See yesterday’s post about that.)

But one more time now: how do you (or your characters) react when you buy something online that you should have passed on?


JanO 30

What? You always say you’ll never miss a day of writing again? But you always do?

Well, if you’ve learned nothing else this month, we hope you’ve learned that every day is fresh start for a writer. If you miss a day, just write the next day.  Or schedule your days off and your days on.

In the meantime, try today’s prompt and write about some other thing you say you’ll never do again … but always do.


JanO 29

Have you been waiting all month to get a prompt for a suspense or sci-fi novel? Here’s your prompt. How many ways can you end the world? And will your character save it in time?


JanO 28

Tell all! What exactly will you (or your characters) never get away with?


JanO 27

Make something of a key and a lock at four o’clock with an open book and a set of scales. Why does this feel like Alfred Hitchcock? Or Perry Mason?


JanO 26

Can you combine a bubbling cauldron, a beaker, an octopus, a whip and a ladder into something interesting?