jano 18

200118Today we see someone listening to earphones, someone smiling sheepishly, and someone raising a hand with an empty dialog bubble overhead. What might that have to do with “THINGS … you shouldn’t say to your surgeon as your anesthetic kicks in”?

jano 17

200117 We find an apple, two people shaking hands and signaling with their thumbs up, and someone who appears to be turning a combination lock. The card says “THINGS … that are rip-offs.” Wait, are those people con-artists? What do you think?

jano 16

200116 Wow. In a month of 31 days, we hit the middle today. That means we’re all halfway to developing a regular writing habit. Have you veered away from the prompts? Has your own imagination taken over? If not, here’s today’s random clues. In the cubes we see a confused, maybe sadly so, face; a castle tower — or a chess rook, and a hand holding a pencil and drawing a body. The card says “THINGS … you don’t want to last very long.” (Let’s not make that our writing habit!)

jano 15

200115 It’s apparently a “bucket list” prompt today. The card says “THINGS … you have to do before you die. The cubes give us a sheep, onion-topped towers and an imagination challenge. The third cube shows a rectangle with two squares near the top. Might they be stamps? Then there’s a line about three-quarters of the length of the rectangle under which are three columns of uneven lines — two in the first two and one in the last. If it looks like a real thing to you, please give us a clue. (Maybe the real challenge is to figure out what it is before you die.)

jano 14

200114 On the cubes, the camera is back, this time with the faces of Comedy and Tragedy and a face that looks irked or confused. The card says “THINGS … you find funny that no one else seems to.” Now’s your chance to exercise that unique sense of humor that is yours!

jano 13

200113 The card today gives us “THINGS … you never obey.” The cubes show us someone yelling, a skull and crossbones and someone who appears to be pulling something — a board? — closer. Three out of four might link nicely, but do you have the imagination to tie all four into one plot?

jano 12

200112 This could be fun.We have someone lifting a barbell, a child whose shadow looks like it might be Batman and a camera. Tell how all this ties in to “THINGS … that will be launched at the 2025 Apple press conference.” Don’t lose it. You can check your prognostication later.

jano 11

200111Today in the cubes we get an angry face, a sleeper and, well, a spiky amoeba? If you see something else in that third cube, give us a clue. The card says “THINGS … you shouldn’t get in the middle of.” Give it your best shot.